How To Compare Car Insurance Quotes Online

Discounts Car Insurance is a top auto insurance brokerage website, providing car insurance quotes online from trustworthy agencies all over the United States. This website offers car insurance info about different coverage types, available discounts, and money-saving tips. has released a new guide that explains how drivers should analyze online car insurance quotes and get the best deals. Basically, drivers should follow the next tips:

  • Compare the same coverages and options. When a client compares different quotes from different websites, it’s essential for him to choose the same coverage levels, the same limits and the same extra options. Even a single difference between coverage options can lead to significant price differences.
  • Use the same data on each quote. Again, discrepancies between used data may cause significant price differences.
  • Provide realistic mileage estimates. Some questionnaires will ask the user to provide a number, while other questionnaires will ask to choose a limit. It’s important to choose the same range/limit on all questionnaires.
  • Be honest with the negative aspects of your profile. Aspects like traffic fines, at-fault accidents, drunk driving, and even bad credit score have a significant impact on an insurance policy. Not adding these details when completing a questionnaire is pointless, as insurance companies already have access to all of this data.
  • Look for discounts. Insurance companies offer different discounts for their drivers. The discounts can vary in value, and how long they last. For example, one insurer will provide a 15% discount for six months, while another insurer will provide a 10% discount for 12 months for the same service. Other insurance companies may offer discounts that other insurers don’t. It’s recommended to do a careful research of the market.
  • Compare multiple quotes. Complete and compare at least three quotes before deciding which insurance company can get you the best policy deal.

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